GABRIEL OF URANTIA — cultural visionary

For his entire adult life, Gabriel of Urantia has been dedicated to making the world as it should be – where every man, woman, and child has food, clothing, a home, and not just subsistence-level work, but the tools and assistance to cultivate their unique gifts, talents, and dreams. As founder of one of the largest sustainable communities and ecovillages in the world with multiple artistic organizations and service programs for humankind, Gabriel is putting what some might call a "Utopian" vision into ever-expanding practical applications daily.

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The Dawn of Light & Life

There is a vital link between the human need for positive, creative self-expression and the forming of a balanced, sustainable, and evolving culture. As part of Gabriel of Urantia's life as a lightworker, he continues to establish and coordinate nonprofit service programs and organizations that enrich and empower individuals and their communities in order to create a society and culture of higher consciousness.