Significant People
Van/Gabriel of Urantia/TaliasVan Has Met

Van/Gabriel of Urantia/TaliasVan recognizes that serendipity and destiny go hand in hand. Throughout his life he has crossed paths with many people of influence in various arenas – spiritual, cultural, political, and arts & music. The Creator has led to meet Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan very special souls that have made a difference and who have, in their own way, fought for human rights, justice, and spiritual ascension.

Activists & Political Leaders

Russell Means

Oglala/Lakota activist, author, and actor from the movie Last of the Mohicans. Was present at modern-day Wounded Knee.

Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan interviewed Russell in 2007. The interview is now Series 1 & 2 of the DVD series, Gabriel of Urantia: Conversations with Activists to Inspire Global Change.
Series 1 DVD
Series 2 DVD

Dennis Banks

Native American Anishinaabe leader, teacher, lecturer, activist author, and co-founder of the American Indian Movement (A.I.M.). Was present at modern-day Wounded Knee.

Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan interviewed Dennis in 2004. The interview is now part of the DVD series, Gabriel of Urantia: Conversations with Activists to Inspire Global Change.

Gary Farmer

American Indian, actor, filmmaker, musician, and activist.

Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan met and did an interview with him in 2011.
You can watch the interview on the Conversations with Activists DVD Series 3 Click here to buy DVD

Clyde Bellecourt / Nee-Gon-Nway-Wee-Dung

Anishinaabe co-founder of National Director of the American Indian Movement (A.I.M.). Was present at modern-day Wounded Knee.

Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan first met Clyde in February 21, 2001, when he came to Future Studios in Sedona, Arizona. They met again in 2018, when Clyde visited for a week at Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage and spoke at The Sea Of Glass Center for the Arts.

Nancy Red Star

Native American Author, filmmaker, and UFO activist.

In May 2004 Nancy spoke about the “star ancestors” at Future Studios in Sedona, Arizona, which was founded by Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan. At that time she was also interviewed by Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan. That interview became part of the six-part series, Gabriel of Urantia, Conversations With Activists to Inspire Global Change, which is now available on DVD.

Harry Charger / WaAnaton

Elder and spiritual leader of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe of South Dakota, met in 2001.

Milton Shapp

Governor of Pennsylvania from 1971 to 1979; was credited with the idea that eventually led to the Peace Corps; known as The Man Against the Machine

At the age of 24 Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan met Milton when he went to Philadelphia as a union representative of Columbia Steel where Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan worked at that time. 1970.

Kleg Seth

Co-founder and Director of Centrum of Hollywood halfway houses

Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan was appointed by Kleg and Centrum’s Board of Directors to be the Director of their facility for Christian music and theater on Hollywood Blvd in 1979. Also on the board were Debbie Boone (Pat Boone's daughter) and Katherine B. DeMille Quinn (Cecil B. DeMille's daughter and Anthony Quinn's wife).

Magdaleno Rose Avila

Lifelong Activist

"Magdaleno Rose-Avila was an organizer with Cesar Chavez and has been an activist all his life, presently working with drug-addicted people in Philadelphia. He spoke at the 2015 Earth Harmony Festival, and I did an interview with him for YouTube."

Jim Channon

Author and Activist

"Jim Channon came to me in Sedona, approximately 1993, for a spiritual reading. He is portrayed in the movie The Men Who Stare At Goats by Jeff Bridges who plays Bill Django, who is in real life Jim Channon. Channon was a U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, New Age futurologist, and business consultant. He was primarily known for authoring the First Earth Battalion Operations Manual, a popular book pointing the way toward a New Age transformation in the U.S. military. In Hawaii he lived next door to Centria, who was heading to Divine Administration in Sedona to join."

Spiritual Leaders

Kathryn Kuhlman

Evangelist and healer

Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan’s spiritual advisor in the early seventies during his early days of spiritual growth and seeking. She also lived in Pittsburgh and Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan went to many of her healing services.

Father Michael Scanlan

Recently Retired Chancellor and President of Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio

Father Mike was chancellor for 11 years after 26 years as president. He just retired in June 2011. Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan met “Father Mike” when he was at St. Francis Seminary in Loretto, Pennsylvania, in the infancy of the charismatic renewal in the Catholic Church around 1970.

Desmond Tutu

Recently Retired Archbishop Emeritus and Anti-Apartheid Activist

Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan met him in 1971 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the Episcopalian Cathedral. Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan was then a young minister age 25 and Desmond Tutu laid hands on Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan’s shoulders and prayed for his future ministry to the world.

Rev. David Wilkerson

Founder of Teen Challenge and Author of The Cross and The Switchblade

Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan met him at his ranch chapel in Tyler, Texas on December 10, 1975. David handed Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan a special prophecy written for personally for him.

"You have need of patience after you have done the will of the Father, that you might receive the promise.
Be not denied. God is not mocked, whatsoever a man soweth, that he shall also reap. You have sown the seed you will reap in God's time.
No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Greater is He that is within you than he that is within the world.
If you do that which is right, who is he that can harm you?
—David Wilkerson"

Rev. Nicky Cruz

Former leader of a Puerto Rican street gang of thirty thousand in New York who turned his life around and helped start the first Teen Challenge in New York with David Wilkerson and later founded the Nicky Cruz Outreach programs.

Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan worked as a counselor for Nicky Cruz's halfway houses in Huntington, West Virginia and Fayetteville, North Carolina for two years. He met Nicky circa 1973.

Agathe von Trapp

Eldest daughter of the Trapp Family Singers, whose lives were the inspiration for the play and film The Sound of Music

Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan met Agatha and her mother Maria and sisters at a Catholic Charismatic prayer meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1972. He was blessed to have lunch with her, met with her many times, and considered going to New Guinea with her to be a missionary.

Hunbatz Men

Mayan Elder

Came out to personally talk with Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan and Niánn at a seminar he was giving in Sedona, Arizona in 1990. They discussed the Mayan prophecies and Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan shared The URANTIA Book with him. Unfortunately, Hunbatz was one of many indigenous elders who mistakenly thought that The URANTIA Book was a “white man's book” and missed the great Deo (godly) power the Fifth Epochal Revelation can give the Native American people.

Marianne Williamson

Spiritual activist, author, lecturer, and founder of The Peace Alliance, a grass roots campaign supporting legislation currently before Congress to establish a United States Department of Peace.

Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan was asked to play a few of his spiritual songs twice before her talks at the Unity Church in Santa Monica, California in 1986, which opened up several conversations between them after those performances. And there she reviewed Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan's album Unicorn Love, stating "As spiritual as it is lovely." Currently she is running for the Democratic nominee for President of The United States.

Father Anthony Scannell

President of the Franciscan Communications Center in Los Angeles until 1990. Pastoral Telecommunications Specialist for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles from 1996-2003 and Executive Publisher of the Archdiocesan newspapers from 2004-2007.

Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan met him in 1984 and 1986 when they discussed recording musical and television productions. Father Scannell was also a founding member of Catholic In Media Associates.

Wallace Black Elk

Lakota Sioux Elder and nephew of Black Elk of the book Black Elk Speaks. Was present at modern-day Wounded Knee as the Medicine Man.

Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan first met Wallace in 1994. In May of 2001 Wallace was part of a forum of Native American elders Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan hosted at Avalon Gardens and Future Studios in Sedona, Arizona. Wallace hosted an inipi purification lodge at Avalon Gardens which attracted more than 200 visitors. Wallace was one of the first native elders to embrace all that is good of New Age thought with the best of the traditional ways of his Lakota upbringing. Wallace recognized Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan as the “Prophet from the East” that Black Elk foretold of in one of his visions in the late 1800’s. (Note: Wallace Black Elk graduated from this planet on January 25, 2004.)

Mother Teresa

While in Los Angeles in 1984 Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan went to hear Mother Teresa speak with hopes in his heart of getting the chance to meet, or even just touch, this precious soul. He got within twenty feet of her, but was not able to make it through the throngs of people. He witnessed her in her humility refusing a limousine that had been provided for her transport. At that point, Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan says an inner voice spoke to him clearly words he will never forget, "In India the poor and afflicted get to touch her every day." Although Mother Teresa graduated from this planet in 1997 and Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan was never able to meet her face to face, he feels tremendously blessed by this encounter with her and the beautiful teaching he received from her actions.

Titus Lamson

Hopi Elder

"I went to Hopi Land in 1994 to meet with the then-oldest-living Hopi Elder Titus Lamson, who was 102 years old, on his farm. He was friends with Dan Evahema, both written about in the book by Thomas Mails, The Hopi Survival Kit. Titus and Dan Evahema were the last of the four Elder Elders, who knew and taught the prophecies of the times of the purification and Prophecy Rock, which we were taken to. It was a very sacred time. One I'll never forget, for we had a supernatural experience with Titus, which I wrote about in my autobiography, The Divine New Order And The Dawn Of The First Stage Of Light And Life."

Phil Saint


"Originally from Pennsylvania, I met Missionary artist Phil Saint at Youth With A Mission in Dallas, Texas in the 1970s, where he came for a few days, and I shared a bunk with him. I remember that, at the time, everyone told me how well-known he was in Argentina." You can read about him here.

Artists, Musicians, & Others in the Media Industry

Nick Nolte


Visited Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan’s home in December 2008 with his wife, Clytie, and daughter, Sophia. Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan re-introduced The URANTIA Book to Nick in depth. They discussed the state of the planet, the film industry, and spirituality. Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan encouraged Nick to do more spiritual films like Peaceful Warrior.

Paul Davids

Producer/Filmmaker/UFO Writer & Speaker

Roswell, Timothy Leary Is Dead, and Starry Night (about the life of Van Gogh). Paul Davids did a video interview with Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan and Niánn Emerson Chase in 2001.

Linda Gordon

Artist, radio commentator, and wife of astronaut Richard Gordon.

Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan met her in Santa Monica, California, in 1986.

Al Kasha

Composer/lyricist; Two-time Academy Award winner for "Best Song of the Year" for There's Got To Be A Morning After from the movie The Poseidon Adventure and We Will Never Love This Way Again from the movie The Towering Inferno.

Mr. Kasha is also a Messianic Jew ordained minister. Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan met Al several times in Beverly Hills, California in the late 1970s. Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan premiered The Morning Song, which is now on his Holy City CD, in Al Kasha’s home to a group of over 50 people at a bible study. Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan, while in Al's home, picked up Al's 2 Academy Awards in his hand, and claimed 2 for his own songs for the kingdom of God.

Susan Munao

Manager for Donna Summer from approximately 1979 to 1983 and vice-president of Casablanca Records.

Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan met her in Beverly Hills, California, in 1981 and 1983, and had several conversations with Susan about trying to produce his spiritual commercial music and the music business, Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan had a crush on her, but nothing ever materialized.

Melissa Gilbert

Actress, writer, and producer best known for her childhood role as “Laura” on Little House on the Prairie.

Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan met her in approximately 1981, on the set of Father Murphy in Tucson, Arizona where he was working as a professional extra (in addition to being an ordained minister), at Old Tucson Studios where he did a couple of scenes with her for Little House On The Prairie.

Victor French

Star of the TV series Highway to Heaven and character actor in Father Murphy.

Victor saw Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan on a set and made a complimentary comment about his good looks to an actress at Old Tucson Studios, in in Tucson, Arizona in 1981. Later that day Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan talked to him and asked for a line in a scene with Melissa Gilbert in order to get his Screen Actors Guild card, which Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan was already in as a professional extra. He smiled and said, "Wish I could give you the line, kid, but I'm not the producer." Victor passed on in 1989.

Leslie Martino

Daughter of singer/actor, Al Martino who played Johnny Fontane in The Godfather.

Leslie was a URANTIA Book reader and Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan met her in 1987 in Boulder, Colorado at the location of the former URANTIA Book School.

Ted DeGrazia

Famous Southwest artist.

Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan met Ted in 1977 in Tucson, Arizona, when he was a young Christian minister. Ted befriended Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan and invited him to his studio both in Tucson and Apache Junction, Arizona many times before Ted died in 1982.

Paolo Soleri

Visionary architect who designed and built the futuristic Arcosanti, in Mayer, Arizona.

Soleri was also interviewed in the 2007 documentary, The 11th Hour. Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan spent time with Paolo at his birthday party at Arcosonti in 1988.

John Reid


John did a video interview with Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan and Niánn at Future Studios, Sedona, Arizona in approximately 2000, about their work in establishing Global Community Communications Alliance. (Click here to purchase the DVD)

Donna Summer

Singer / Songwriter

"I met Donna in 1981 at Al Kasha's home in Beverly Hills at a bible study. We talked about the facility that I was going to direct on Hollywood Boulevard for music and acting and outreach. Donna had many suggestions for possible contacts and was very helpful and friendly."

Robert Shields

Mime, Artist, Actor

"I met Robert Shields in Sedona and we talked many times, most recently in February of 2013. He gave me a beautiful print of one of his originals. I've always appreciated Robert's artistic flair—not just his mime, but his art and in life itself. "


The original contemporary Christian Rock group who received a Grammy award.

Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan was the opening artist for them twice in Tucson, Arizona in the late 1970s. The whole band stayed with me at my home and ministry on Fourth Avenue, the night before he was married. It was a beautiful experience.

Johnny Rivers

American rock 'n' roll singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer.

Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan met him in Los Angeles California at the Vineyard Fellowship in 1983. They talked about Gabriel's new appointment as the director of a facility on Hollywood Blvd, Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan sang his song "Standing on the Mountain" many times with his own band.

Bernie Leadon

Original band member of The Eagles.

Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan met him in Hollywood, Los Angeles in 1983 at a luncheon and discussed spiritual music with him.

The Marcells

of "Blue Moon" fame.

"In my early teen years, approximately 1959, they practiced a block away from where I lived in a little house on the 1600 block of Watson Street. I learned my early harmony licks by listening to them at their rehearsals when possible."

Jimmy Beaumont

of The Skyliners.

Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan auditioned for The Skyliners when he was 14 years old. Of course they said he was too young. A few years later, he was playing nightclubes with The Skyliners: they at one end of the club and his band (T.J. and the Knightcaps) at the other of the room (yes, it was a big room) where they took turns playing. Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan and Jimmy both dated the same girl, Franny.

Dave Porter

Songwriter who co-wrote with Isaac Hayes, "Hold on, I'm Comin" (and many other songs) which was made famous by Sam & Dave and which I used to sing in my early music career.

"I met and talked with Dave Porter in Memphis, Tennessee in 1985 at a music convention at the famous Peabody Hotel. "

Sheldon Cohen

Longtime assistant musical conductor of the Doc Severinsen orchestra of the Johnny Carson Show up until Carson's retirement.

Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan met Sheldon in 1986 at the NBC Studios in Burbank, California to which Sheldon invited him. He took Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan to the set of Johnny Carson's live show, which was very exciting for him at the time. He was going to produce Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan's second album and first CD ( Holy City ), which Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan ended up producing himself.

André Crouch

Famous black gospel artist.

"While I was with the Nicky Cruz Organization in 1971 in Huntington, West Virginia, I went to one of André's concerts in Cleveland with a black DJ friend of André's by the name of Bill Dobson where we had front row seats. Afterwards, I was taken to his motel where I met the band, talked with André and played video arcade games. I also met and talked to Danniebelle, a spiritual musician with André's band at the time who became famous on her own. (She passed on in December 2000.) In talking with her I learned we had lived on the same street at different times--Paulson Avenue in East Liberty in Pittsburgh, PA. "

Resurrection Band

The original band from Cornerstone Magazine and Community in Chicago.

About 40 members of that community came on a big bus to my community at Sonlight Ministries in Tucson, Arizona and stayed with us for a few days around 1980. We did a concert together at the University of Arizona. They were a huge Christian Rock Band and I was their opening artist. I would like to talk to any who were in this band and stayed at my home and ministry.

The Liberated Wailing Wall

Messianic Jews were also at that time call Jews for Jesus.

"I met them in Pennsylvania in approximately 1980 at a Messianic Jewish convention and also again in Tucson, Arizona, where they played music outside of my Son Light Ministries, 630 N. 4th Avenue. I would like to talk to any of them from that original group."

Sammy Mysels

American Composer.

"Met him at the Italian Beneficial Brotherhood Association (IBBA) club in downtown Pittsburgh, Liberty Avenue, at approximately 3 a.m. where I was playing with TJ and The Nightcaps around 1967. He was brought up to me by the owners, Salvator and Junior who introduced me to him. Sammy gave me a copy of his latest song, "After, the Hangover's Over." He was also the famous songwriter of "Bim Bam Baby," "We Three, My Echo, My Shadow, and Me," "We Had It All," and "Yesterday's Gardenias. He said to me, "Kid, that's as good as I ever heard "Summertime" sung. You're going somewhere kid. If you ever need a song, let me know." I shouted back, "I write my own songs." He said, "Well you're singing this one here. You didn't write that one." I said, "I want to write my own songs." He said "I understand kid; have a cigar." He gave me a very long cigar which I gave to my father from Sammy. Even my father knew who he was. That was special."

The Original Isley Brothers

of "Twist and Shout" fame

"I met them at Synder Recording Company in Cleveland, Ohio, where I was recording 45s at the time. I was approximately 18 years old. They had their very famous song, "Twist and Shout," playing as a hit on the radio at the time. I remember talking to them about my group at the time, called The Fuzzes. They laughed about our name and the fact we all had goatees. So they should remember who I am. They stood for a song and knew I was the lead singer. They shook my hand and one commented, "Great stuff, man. You guys are good." I never saw them again."

The Mills Brothers

Jazz and pop vocal quartet.

"When I was 19, I was playing across the street from the famous Holiday House in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (which was the place to go in that city for top acts). I was playing at a club called The Kaleidoscope, which was a new venue and dance hall for younger people, with my band, called at that time, TJ and the Domineers (I was TJ). In between their shows The Mills Brothers came across the street and saw my act. I believe there were four of them. All wished me well, shook my hand and said that I should be playing across the street with them. It was quite a complement that I never forgot. If any of them are alive, and this message gets to them, they should remember it, let's talk."

Thomas Mapfumo

Zimbabwean musician and activist. The Lion of Zimbabwe.

"Thomas and his band, The Blacks Unlimited have played three times at Future Studios. I met with Thomas on April 23, 2002, and did an interview with him which will be on satellite in the near future in the series Spiritualution for the New Millennium."

Robert Lamm

of the band Chicago.

"In Hollywood in 1981, I met Robert Lamm, the keyboardist and songwriter and original member of Chicago. At Centrum Of Hollywood's male halfway house, as he was visiting it, we met to discuss the new facility on Hollywood Boulevard that I was going to direct. We began talking about songwriting, and I knew that he wrote "Saturday In The Park." I told him I also wrote a park song, called "The Day Is Warm And Clear." His song was one of my favorites and millions of others' also. My song is not yet recorded, but I'm getting to it. I did not have The URANTIA Book at this time, but we both were, then, born-again Christians and did talk about spiritual things."

Tom Wopat

Actor and Singer

"I met Tom Wopat in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when he came as a part of a talent scouting agency that was looking for new talent to use in a film project being shot in Pittsburgh. We never really talked. I auditioned for this film and was asked to play the part of a priest by the director. I was in my late thirties. I believe it was 1985. Being around a lot of priests (as I had already been in two monasteries before this), I was a very forgiving priest, and the director thought the priest should have been more severe and unforgiving. Luke Duke (Tom Wopat), from "The Dukes of Hazzard," was standing there, and I asked him what he thought. And he just kind of shook his head, like "maybe you're right." I think he knew I was right but didn't want to outwardly come against the director. I don't know if the film ever got off the ground there in Pittsburgh or if they ever even called me back, because I left to go to Los Angeles to promote my newly-recorded album, Unicorn Love."

Alice Coltrane

American jazz musician and composer, and in her later years a swamini. Wife of jazz saxophonist John Coltrane.

"I met her at her Asram in northern California in the 70s, she played keyboards that day for her disciples in the community room and I had the blessing of experiencing it."