Gabriel of Urantia

Professional Testimonials

Van/Gabriel of Urantia/TaliasVan meets all the criteria of a self-actualizing person as defined by Maslow. He shows heightened ability to perceive reality, an acceptance of self, spontaneity, focus on a goal outside of himself, highly developed concentration, autonomy of thought and action, frequent transcendence of self, a love for people and a strong sense of responsibility for them, a strong sense of mission, a humility before God and a respect for others, a close circle of friends, a high degree of ethics, a good sense of humor, a high level of creativity, resistance to enculturation, normal human imperfections, a strong sense of values, and an integration of heart and mind. He is a most unique individual, quite above the average in mental and emotional health and self-actualization.

~ Excerpted from Gabriel of Urantia: A Personality Profile by Marayeh Cunningham, PhD. Dr. Cunningham is a Clinical Psychologist with more than 30 year’s experience. She received her Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, and was a professor and psychotherapist at U.C. Berkeley. She is licensed in both Arizona and California.

Among all the enlightened teachers, Van/Gabriel/TaliasVan definitely shines out as one of the most leading successes with his wonderful, sustainable, spiritual community.

~ Excerpted from Trinity Magazine of Japan, September 2003